A Cluster is defined as a geographical concentration of micro, small & Medium (adjacent villages/ adjoining areas) producing similar products and common opportunities. Cluster represent the socio-economic heritage of the state/ region where some of the group of villages known for the specific products or a range of complementary products that has been existence for long time. In a typical cluster, such producers belong to a traditional community producing the varieties of traditional products for generations (Basketry, Furniture, mats, Handloom, Agarbatti, jewellery, musical instrument etc.).

The cluster-based approach is market driven, inclusive, and collaborative. It offers critical mass for customization of interventions, enables economies of scale in operation, cheaper access to inputs & raw materials, better access to information & technology and direct reach to customers & channels.

List of Clusters

Incense Stick

Sl.no. District Cluster Activities/Products
1 North Tripura Dharmanagar Rolled Agarbatti
2 North Tripura Kanchanpur Bamboo stick
3 Unakoti Kailashahar Rolled Agarbatti/ Bamboo stick
4 Unakoti Kumarghat Rolled Agarbatti/ Bamboo stick
5 Dhalai Tripura Manu Bamboo stick
6 Dhalai Tripura Kamalpur Rolled Agarbatti
7 Dhalai Tripura Ambasa Bamboo stick
8 Khowai Teliamura Rolled Agarbatti
9 West Tripura Mohanpur Rolled Agarbatti
10 West Tripura Agartala Rolled Agarbatti/ Bamboo stick
11 Sipahijala Bishalgarh Rolled Agarbatti
12 Sipahijala Melaghar Bamboo stick
13 Gomati Udaipur Rolled Agarbatti/ Bamboo stick
14 South Tripura Amarpur Bamboo stick
15 South Tripura Belonia Rolled Agarbatti
16 South Tripura Sabrum Bamboo stick


Sl.no. District Cluster Activities/Products
1 North Tripura Dharmanagar Furniture/ Handicraft
2 North Tripura Panisagar Furniture
3 Unakoti Kailashahar Handicraft Items
4 Unakoti Kumarghat Handicraft Items
5 Unakoti Pecharthal Handicraft Items
6 Dhalai Tripura Salema Handicraft Items
7 Dhalai Tripura Ganganagar Handicraft Items
8 Khowai Teliamura Handicraft Items
9 West Tripura Agartala Handicraft Items
10 West Tripura Ranirbazar Handicraft Items
11 West Tripura Jirania Handicraft Items
12 West Tripura Gandhigram- Narsingarh Handicraft Items
13 West Tripura Bamutia Furniture/ Handicraft
14 West Tripura Katlamara- Simna Furniture
15 Sipahijala Nalchar Handicraft Items
16 Sipahijala Melagarh Handicraft Items
17 Sipahijala Charilam Handicraft Items
18 Sipahijala Bishalgarh Handicraft Items
19 Sipahijala Jampuijala Handicraft Items
20 Sipahijala Takarjala Handicraft Items
21 Gomati Udaipur Handicraft Items
22 South Tripura Baikhora Handicraft Items
23 South Tripura Manubazar Handicraft Items
24 South Tripura Jolaibari Handicraft Items


Sl.no. District Cluster Activities/Products
1 West Tripura Hezamara Bamboo Plantation
2 West Tripura Mohanpur Bamboo Plantation
3 West Tripura Mandwi Bamboo Plantation
4 West Tripura Belbari Bamboo Plantation
5 Khowai Mungiakami Bamboo Plantation
6 Dhalai Salema Bamboo Plantation
7 Dhalai Ambasa Bamboo Plantation