Bid doc TBM
Financial assistance application under NBM scheme for FY 2023-24
E-O-I for Designer under SFURTI Scheme
Guidelines for Accreditation of Bamboo Nurseries, Tissue Culture Laboratories and Certification of Quality Planting Material
Operational Guidelines of National Bamboo Mission,Revised June 2019
Format of Application for Financial Assistance under National Bamboo Mission (NBM).
Operational Guidelines of National Bamboo Misssion
Export of Green Bamboo Outside of The State Tripura 10th June'19
Notification for Application of Bamboo Nursery and Sapling 28th June'19
Constitution of State Level Bamboo Nursery Accrediation Committee 19th June'19
Royalty for bamboo in Tripura 12th Dec'13
List for 11th August, 2015- 401
Notification for exemption of TP& GS for bamboo by Forest Department
List for 10th August, 2015- 267
Selection process for Training on Bamboo Carpentry final
Invitation Call For Expression of Interest