Bamboo is one of the major and important natural resources of Tripura. The state sustains tropical moist deciduous forests with patches of forests of evergreen species and a substantial area under bamboo brakes. The climate ranges from moist to humid and annual rainfall varies between 2,250-2,500 mm. At least 19 species of bamboos are commonly found in the State (source: Forest Dept. Tripura). The extent of bamboo bearing area in the forests of the state is 3,246 km².

Utilisation of bamboo in Tripura

  • In Tripura, bamboo is utilised for: Rural Housing: posts, walls, roof structure, roofing material, scaffolding, fencing and gates (Bari, Barak, Muli, Makal)
  • Agricultural implements, baskets, food grain containers rain shields, head gear and other functional products
  • Edible shoots for food, particularly amongst tribal communities
  • Handicraft items: toys, ‘morra’, winnowing trays, handfans, mats (Muli, Paora and Mritinga), wall panels, screens (Mritinga, makal), umbrella handles (Muli), fishing rods (Kanak kaich), agarbatti sticks (Paora, Dolu, Barak)
  • Supply of raw material to the Panchgram paper mill.